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Sunday School for All Ages

Sunday School will be held 2nd - 4th  Sunday at 12:00 pm, beginning September 9th.  On the first Sundays, the lesson will be during the late service.

The stories of our faith are for all of us and our life together.  In Sunday School, we will share and explore some of the stories. We’ll listen and respond to the stories and to one another..

   September:  The Bible

  • September 9       A book of stories
  • September 16     Singing the stories
  • September 23     Seeing the stories
  • September 30     Jesus in the Temple

October:  The Lord’s Supper

  • October 7          Setting the table (in worship
  • October 14        The Good Shepherd and World Communion
  • October 21        Baking bread
  • October 28        Who can eat here?

November:  Baptism

  • November 4      All Saints
  • November 11    Baptism
  • November 18    Water
  • November 25    Making and sharing gifts

December:  The Church Year

  • December 2       Happy New Year! (in worship)
  • December 9       The Circle of the Church Year
  • December 16     The prophets knew something
  • December 23     Windows of the year
  • December 30     Caroling